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Peak City Goldens: About Us

It started almost fifty years ago with a beautiful golden girl puppy, named Jill.   Jill was loyal, loving, persistent, and obedient.  She won my heart for the Golden Retriever breed and filled my heart with so many fond memories throughout my childhood in southern Indiana.  Ask me sometime to retell my fondest memories of Jill!

Later, when the Boland family relocated from Indiana to North Carolina, we decided that the addition of a family dog could be an emotional anchor for the children in their new home. Wow!  We had no idea of the depth and quality of life that Golden (that was his given name) would bring to our family for over 12 years!

When Golden passed in Feb 2016, we considered life without a loving companion.  Ten months later we welcomed Jade into our home with the goal to share our love of Goldens with others.

Thus, Peak City Goldens was established in 2016 and now we have the joy of sharing the love of Goldens with your family!

Experience for yourself ... Golden are the days ... together

Peak City Goldens: Family Thoughts

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